Can I Win?

The short answer is: yes, with your help.

It is no secret that Republicans win in Idaho almost all the time, except in a select few cities like Boise and Meridian. This is the result of several factors, the most prominent being that many Idahoans vote Republican as a matter of habit, and many others vote for Republicans because they are the strongest rival to the deeply progressive Democrats, whose social and fiscal policies are distasteful to most conservative, traditionalist, religious Idahoans. We Libertarians tend to come in a distant third place. So how can I buck that trend and win?

Every time Russ Fulcher has run for Congress, he has received more than double the votes of the Democrat candidate. In 2022, he more than tripled Kaylee Peterson’s vote count; Ms. Peterson is the Democrats’ candidate this election cycle as well. Progressive, pro-abortion candidates have no chance in this district. However, my Platform is thoroughly compatible with the traditionalist, religious population of Western and Northern Idaho. I can reasonably say to any person who expects to vote for Russ Fulcher this year that, if they vote instead for me, their worst case scenario is that Russ Fulcher wins re-election. If less than half of Mr. Fulcher’s base votes for Matt Loesby for Congress, Russ Fulcher will retain his seat. If more than half switch to vote for Liberty, I will be spending my weekdays in Washington, DC. This is a two-man race.

That is no easy road. Russ Fulcher has hundreds of thousands of dollars in his war chest, the incumbent’s advantage, and the support of the Grand Old Party. I am a video game developer with a shoestring budget. In order to execute on this strategy, I need volunteers who will spread word of the campaign, in person and through social media, and help convince people that they have nothing to lose in voting for Liberty, Responsibility, and Realism.