Campaign Platform

Stop Doing Evil

Re-knit the Social Fabric

Know What Time It Is

The US Federal Government does countless evil things in our name, with our money. All must end.

In the past century, the US Federal Government has established the Global American Empire, a totalitarian regime attempting to rule the entire world. It wages war against peaceful people who were never a threat to you and me. It deploys military service members for use in maintaining a global monopoly on banking and expanding the borders of the state of Israel. It promotes selfish, hedonistic, and self-destructive behaviors, and punishes those who attempt to build good, wholesome families and communities. It uses its puppet corporate press and infiltrates social media companies to propagandize us to support it in all these things.

The Global American Empire must end, immediately. As your Congressman, I will do everything I can to weaken its power.

The government is good at destroying society, but it cannot and will not rebuild it. That is up to you and me.

The biggest threat to government power is a healthy social fabric. When people have happy families, strong churches, safe and friendly neighborhoods, and healthy local economies, they don’t need to rely on a bureaucracy in a swamp to fix their problems.

The Global American Empire has systematically destroyed America’s social fabric. If we are to effectively resist its power, we need to rebuild the voluntary social institutions that can threaten it.

This is a hard task, especially because the GAE is actively suppressing it. We each need to seek out ways to do it. As your Congressman, I can help block and abolish the laws that tear our social fabric apart. However, it will be up to each of you to rebuild the social bonds in your community.

We live in proverbial Interesting Times. Small tweaks and minor cutbacks will not fix our problems. Major sacrifices are ahead for all of us.

Almost every institution in America is corrupt. The schools and universities. The corporate press and social media. The legislatures, the courts, the administrative bureaucracies, and the elections apparatus. The corporate board rooms, HR departments, and entertainment media. The military brass and intelligence agencies.

In 2020, the full force of all these institutions was turned against the average American. They shut down our jobs. They inflated away our savings. They engaged in a full court press of propaganda to convince us that the greatest threat to our lives was our own neighbors.

Incremental changes and reforms are not going to save us. We live in interesting times, and we will need to be strong to survive.


Close the Border. End Birthright Citizenship.

The US Federal Government knows that the American people do not want most of its policies. In this nominal Democratic Republic, that should be a problem that they solve by changing their policies. Instead, they are importing a new population that they think will accept and enable them. This must end.

Libertarians believe in private property. On your own property, the only people who are welcome are the people whom you have invited. In a similar manner, the United States border should be closed to any immigrants, except those who have been invited by US Citizen landowners. Those invitations must carry with them an agreement that the inviter takes financial responsibility for any costs or debts the immigrant incurs. Any uninvited immigrant should be deported to the country they most recently called home. Anyone claiming asylum should be deported to the first safe country they passed through after leaving their home.

The notion that every person born within the borders of the US should be a US citizen is an absurd misinterpretation of the 14th Amendment. Congress can change the naturalization law to remove mistakenly-granted citizenship and prevent its further practice. As your Congressman, I will work to do so.

Build Families and Local Economies

The traditional retirement plan for thousands of years has been to have children. Parents who raise healthy, strong, happy children can count on those children to care for them once they’ve lost their ability to work. They can count on having grandchildren to help raise and bring joy and meaning to the lives of both grandparent and grandchild. Wealth transfer programs like Social Security and Medicare have interrupted that healthy relationship and driven a divide between the generations. We must work as families to repair those bonds. Young adults should form families and raise their children well. Retiring grandparents should prioritize supporting their children in forming families, and structuring their wealth so that their children can inherit as much of it as possible.

As your Congressman, I can push to repeal the many laws and regulations that make it so difficult to run a legitimate business hiring American workers, including minimum wage laws and programs like Obamacare that balloon the cost of hiring an employee and shut low-yield jobs out of the legitimate market. I will fight to abolish the Death Tax that discourages parents from building wealth to pass on to their descendants. I will attack the regulatory state that burdens the American entrepreneur and prevents the growth of real wealth that could alleviate the financial stress under which young adults are suffering.

Demographics and the Welfare State

The government has a very strong incentive to import young foreigners en masse. America’s population is aging, and our fertility rate is well below replacement. The New Deal and Great Society wealth redistribution programs presumed that most Americans would die in their 60s and 70s, and the economy would continue to grow exponentially as it did following the end of the second World War.

America has neither the money nor the workers to deliver on the promises the government has made to today’s retirees. Our absurd $34T national debt pales in comparison to the $213T unfunded liabilities; that would be the price of a large house in upper middle class suburbs for every citizen of America. The GAE’s elites hope that by importing the working class of impoverished countries, they can fill the ranks of hospitals and nursing home staff, expand the tax base, and find some way to replace the tens of millions of young people they thought would materialize to take care of them in their retirement. In reality, they will only manage to further destroy the prospects for young Americans to build wealth, and to doom the elderly to die alone in nursing homes, cared for by strangers, as alienated children curse their parents’ names.

Their solution is terrible, but the problem is real. The American Ponzi Scheme is collapsing, and we are going to be left holding the bag. All we can do is try to set ourselves up to survive it. It is not fair that today’s young have been robbed to pay for previous generations’ largesse. We must not make the problem worse and pass it on to our own children.


Bring all the troops all the way home. End all proxy wars.

No member of the US military should be deployed anywhere outside US territory. Unless and until the US Congress declares war against another country, they should be at home with their families, commuting to base every work day to maintain equipment and train.

Similarly, the US should not spend a penny to finance other countries’ armies. While individuals are free to travel to a country and volunteer to fight in its army, the government has no business using the resources it stole from the people to support foreign governments. No more cash or weapons for Ukraine, nor for Israel, nor any foreign aid to any country. Those who want to support foreign governments or help foreign people can do so with their own resources.

Welcome the troops home.

Many members of the armed forces have been brutalized by combat in the War on Terror. The government has abandoned veterans, and will not do anything meaningful to fix the situation. It falls to the loved ones and communities of the veterans to help them recover from the damage their government has done to them.

As your Congressman, I can also push for substantial changes to Veterans’ support, including abolishing the VA and spending its budget on direct payments to veterans, to spend on medical and psychiatric care as they see fit.

The government sees you as its enemy.

The Global War on Terror included a great many strategies of “counter-terrorism.” Surveillance, counterinsurgency, infiltration, and assassination have become normal practice for the military and the intelligence agencies.

Now, all that apparatus has turned inwards, directed at the American people. Holding social views which were normal in 2011 will now land you on a government watch list. In this environment, with recruiting coming in way below target, the military is considering the possibility of recruiting foreigners to fill the ranks; all this, while the top military brass receives briefings about the evils of whiteness and the threat of the “far right.”

We need our troops home, and we need them to be an integral part of our local communities, because otherwise, we face the prospect of being conquered by our own government.


End the Federal Reserve. Return To Sound Money.

In 2020, the Federal Reserve created over $6,000,000,000,000 out of thin air. This massive expansion of the money supply, along with the government lockdowns, is the root cause of the massive price increases which we still suffer today.

Since the establishment of the Federal Reserve, the US Dollar has lost 99% of its value compared to gold specie. The Fed finances the government’s massive deficits, putting our grandchildren on the hook to repay debts we never wanted to take out, all while making goods more expensive for us and directing our material wealth toward lobbyists and the friends of government bureaucrats.

As your Congressman, I will push to audit, and then to end, the Federal Reserve and its monopoly on money. I will fight to cut government budgets across the board, not just reduce future increases, so that the real economy stops being crowded out of the market.

Use Currency the Government Can’t Destroy.

The government loves the digital economy run by Visa. Every digital transaction is tracked, labeled, and logged in government databases. On the other hand, it hates cash, precious metals, and privacy-focused cryptocurrencies. If I give you a bar of silver in exchange for a side of beef, the government doesn’t know, and it can’t tax or regulate the exchange.

Use physical cash, precious metals, and cryptocurrencies for your economic activity as much as possible. If you run a business, accept payments in competing currencies. Keep your savings in assets that the Federal Reserve can’t depreciate.

As your Congressman, I can block laws that require additional financial reporting, attempt to institute Central Bank Digital Currencies, and spend money the government doesn’t have.

The banks own the economy and the government.

Those of us old enough to remember the 2008 Global Financial Crisis remember how the government responded in the aftermath. The banks who had made millions of unpayable loans and bet billions on mortgage derivatives, got hundreds of billions of dollars in bailouts. The average Joe had his life and savings destroyed. This was not an accident. This happened because the politicians are loyal to the bankers who fund their campaigns.

What is worse, the banks are all too happy to remove access to our savings when the government asks. They will deduct money from your account to pay a fine, even when you refuse to pay and demand to be arrested instead. They will shut down your access to your account if you organize a protest that actually threatens the government’s power. They will organize an industry-wide refusal to accept your business, if you are denounced as anathema by the corporate press.

Divesting from the US Dollar and banking system isn’t an investment decision. It’s an act of self-preservation.


End the Drug War.

It is not a good thing that people use mind-altering substances recreationally. These substances are usually addictive and unhealthy, and distract people from working to improve themselves and their communities.

The Drug War is worse. It creates a major revenue source for organized crime, removes the market forces that control for honesty and quality, and uses violence against peaceful people because they made poor decisions about what substances to consume.

Our communities are more dangerous, our families more fragmented, and our drug users in greater danger of overdosing, because of this expensive, intrusive, unhealthy program.

As your Congressman, I will push to de-schedule all substances from the Controlled Substances Schedules, restore your Right to Try experimental medical treatments without FDA permission, and redirect the DEA to directly combat organized crime.

Care for those around you.

Drug addiction and abuse is an illness. Often, people fall into this illness because of chaotic social lives, periods of serious distress, and social pressure.

We can help each other avoid these pitfalls by building wholesome social environments. Churches, sports leagues, enthusiast clubs, and charities can be the centers of community that prevent people from falling into less healthy pastimes. They also offer spaces where recovering addicts can rebuild their lives on a firm foundation, rather than returning to the environment that caused them to use in the first place.

Some people are lost.

Some drug addicts are unwilling to change. Neither community pressure nor government force can separate them from their addiction. These people become the permanently homeless, who live on sidewalks, resorting to begging, stealing, dealing, or humiliating services to fund their habits. One needs only go to Portland, Seattle, San Francisco, or Los Angeles to see hundreds to thousands of these poor souls, lining the streets with tents and cardboard boxes.

No reasonable property owner would allow these vagrants to stay on their property. The government, which makes a claim to own the streets, sidewalks, and parks, should act the same way. People camping in public areas not designated for that purpose should be detained and offered three options: a trip to rehab, a trip to a homeless shelter that is willing to take them, or a trip to a city that will tolerate them.


Shut Down the Spy Agencies.

The self-titled “Intelligence Community” is more powerful than any elected politician. The CIA effectively has a veto on any President’s foreign policy decisions. The FBI is the greatest source of funding for political violence within America. The DHS subjects every air traveler to a humiliation ritual of disrobing and submitting to scans and groping.

None of this makes us safe, and all of it makes us less free. It comes at our own expense, as these organizations oppress us at home, and destroy foreign countries in our name, inviting blowback that kills innocents in America. While the US Military might be the major enforcement arm of the Global American Empire, the spy agencies decide which countries are going to be subjected to that enforcement.

As your Congressman, I will never vote to approve a budget that gives a cent to any of the 17 agencies in the United States Intelligence Community.

Protect Your Communities.

When the American Colonies seceded from the British Empire, George III did not let them go peacefully. American resistance to George’s tyranny was primarily composed of young farmers taking up arms together and defending themselves from George’s conquering armies. Before Washington forged them into a Continental Army, before Lafayette brought the French to America’s aid, the American militia defended our liberty.

The FBI knows this. That is why they dedicate so much effort and funding to infiltrating militia groups and other dissident organizations, manipulating and funding them to attack government assets, and then pat themselves on the back for arresting these dangerous terrorists.

Don’t seek out paramilitaries to join. Recognize that anyone who tries to convince you to stage an attack against the government is probably a Fed. Instead, meet up with the people you know and trust, and train to defend one another if your community comes under attack.

You Live in Anarcho-Tyranny.

In August of 2020, Kenosha, WI, burned. Mobs of rioters were bussed into the city to punish it for having been the site of an arrest that escalated to the point that the alleged domestic abuser being arrested was shot while reaching for a knife. Kyle Rittenhouse, a teenager from the suburbs, volunteered to join a crew that went into town to clean up the damage during the day, and defend private property from rioters at night. He was attacked by a mob, and defended his life with excellent aim and restraint.

For his service to the community and actions in clear self defense, Mr. Rittenhouse was subjected to a year of legal process as the Kenosha District Attorney’s office attempted to put him in prison for life.

In May of 2023, a homeless man with a history of mental illness and unprovoked violence boarded a subway in Manhattan. He began screaming at other passengers, making them fear for their safety. Daniel Penny, a former marine, put the dangerous man in a chokehold in order to subdue him and protect the other passengers. Sadly, the man died soon after.

Because the homeless man was black, Mr. Penny is being prosecuted for homicide by the Manhattan District Attorney, and faces up to 15 years in prison.

Rioters, looters, and shoplifters are not subjected to prosecution in American cities today. Those who defend themselves from the rioters, are. This is anarcho-tyranny. There is no rule of law, only the rule by rulers who hate you and your way of life.

The legal system is no longer here to protect you. Act accordingly.


End Government-Owned Education.

Since the establishment of the US Department of Education, schooling has gotten more expensive, test scores have gone down, and our schools have become ideological indoctrination farms and battlegrounds. Since the US Government started guaranteeing student loans, tuition prices have risen at three times the rate of the overall price level. University endowments have grown, while Master’s Degrees carry less weight than a Bachelor’s Degree did in 1965, and college graduates often find themselves impoverished by their debts.

The government has destroyed our youth. As your Congressman, I will do everything in my power to dismantle the Education Industrial Complex.

Raise Your Children.

Government-run education is a historical aberration. The Prussians created our modern model of public schools as a means of stabilizing the newly minted German Empire by indoctrinating the children to support it.

For most of human history, families have raised their children, teaching them the skills and values which their parents believed would be the most valuable and important. Modern economic stress makes that extremely difficult. However, parents should ask themselves: what sacrifice would you not make to ensure that your child can grow up strong, confident, and secure in the values you hold dear?

As your Congressman, I will do everything possible to reduce the government’s burdens on your finances and requirements for your children’s education, so that you can take up the full responsibility of raising your children.

The Experts are Corrupt.

Universities, colleges, research labs, and schools are meant to be the institutions in our society which develop and prove knowledge. If an Ivy League professor publishes a paper in Nature, or a Stanford Medical researcher publishes in The Lancet, we should be able to accept their conclusions as correct and reliable.

We can’t.

Progressive social activism and loyalty to the Global American Empire are the two most important topics taught in government schools. Allegiance to those ideas is the most important qualification for publishing, hiring, and admission at the formerly respected Ivy League. Google, Pearson, College Board, and other mega-corporations and NGOs have built a system of schooling and qualification which inculcates them in children from Kindergarten to Post-Doctorate.

You can and must protect your children from this monster. Most people will not. That means you must prepare your children to survive in that world, to find people on whom they can rely and with whom they can build a parallel economy. The old institutions will not accept them if they are well-adjusted human beings who refuse to live by lies.

Social Issues

Decentralize Everything.

Topics like abortion, transgenderism, segregation and racial discrimination, expanded definitions of marriage, gun confiscation, and censorship are not at all within the purview of the United States Federal Government. I believe that abortion is an act of homicide; that gender dysphoria is an illness which should be treated with compassion, but not hormones, surgery, and lies; and that marriage is a religious covenant between a man, a woman, and God. I oppose all efforts to restrict the ownership or production of any weapon. I oppose any action by the government, whether directly or hand-in-glove action through corporations, to punish people for stating opinions, regardless of whether I find those opinions abhorrent.

As your Congressman, I will oppose any effort to impose one particular standard on any of those topics, or on any topic which is not specifically listed in the US Constitution, Article I, Section 8. I will push to undo poorly-reasoned court decisions which have allowed the Feds to impose standards and regulations upon the States and their peoples, including Wickard v. Filburn and Obergefell v. Hodges. I will encourage state governments to devolve these decisions down to the County and City level, or to remove themselves entirely from the sphere.

Address Social Problems Early

The insanity of America’s modern sexual culture manifests itself in millions of abortions, obsessions with gender identity, and unhealthy long-term relationships. None of those is the root cause. Americans are inundated with propaganda about how traditions are restrictive and oppressive, commitments are a burden, and hedonism is the greatest possible expression of liberation.

This is not a natural phenomenon; it has been pushed on our youth by corporate entertainment, government education, and a pharmaceutical industry eager to make lifelong customers of hormone treatments like birth control and “gender transition supplements,” and prescription drugs like SSRIs.

Much of the burden for fixing these problems will rest on the shoulders of parents, who should take an active role in their children’s education, curate their entertainment for wholesome messages, and introduce them to healthy communities where the goal of dating is marriage and family.

As your Congressman, I will attack IP laws that protect the entertainment and pharmaceutical industries from more wholesome competition; I will attack the FDA, CDC, and other regulators which shut down entrepreneurs; and I will shut down the Education Industrial Complex which seeks to indoctrinate our children into this unhealthy culture.

They want your destruction, but they will settle for your subjugation.

The Global American Empire has managed to make the progressive position on topics like marriage, guns, and sexuality synonymous with “Our Democracy,” to the point that holding the social positions on which Barack Obama ran in 2008 will now get you labeled a Christian Nationalist Fascist Nazi Totalitarian. It has done this because a hedonistic, isolated individual, who does not have responsibilities to a family or a community, is easy to manipulate into supporting the regime’s latest Current Thing. It takes much more force to rule a person with deep ties to a long tradition, to the land in which their family has lived for generations, to a way of life that has been fruitful for centuries.

A substantial majority of Americans will not leave a hedonistic life behind. As we saw in communist countries in the 20th century, many among them will come to resent those who live according to traditional values, to the point of violence. We have already seen churches burned in Canada over a fiction, and America is not far behind, with the dominant culture’s hostility to Christianity in particular.

Some politicians think that America can be made a God-fearing country again through the force of the state. They are wrong. The people who make up every level of government administrations will not go along with such an effort; they will resist it at every turn, while planning to use any expanded power to force the GAE culture upon traditionalists even further.

The administrative state will not willingly stop doing evil. Therefore, as your Congressman, I will do everything in my power to destroy the administrative state.

The Culture War

End the “Civil Rights” Regime

America’s culture is divided on a plethora of issues. Race, sex, sexuality, faith, and dozens of other elements of our identities are levered into political causes by malevolent activists. These conflicts infiltrate our workplaces, our churches, our entertainment, and even our families.

This is not an accident, nor is it a product of liberty. It was created by the Civil Rights Movement, which transformed America from a nation of Natural Rights to one of Civil Rights. When the Government is the source of rights, wealth, and safety, and distributes them based on group identities, the culture will and must become a war of all against all.

As your Congressman, I will work to repeal the Civil Rights Act of 1964, and all the rest of the ill-advised legislation from that era. You have a right to discriminate on any grounds you find useful. If I dislike your standards, I have the right to criticize you, but not to use violence to force you to change.

Balance Unity and Meritocracy

An organization like a company, a church, or a charity has a purpose. The company provides a product or service to customers. The church creates a community attempting to serve God. The charity helps people in a rough situation.

The people within those institutions should be unified in their focus on serving its purpose. We rightly recognize that if a person attempts to use their position for self-enrichment rather than serving the organization’s purpose, they are corrupt. An employee or member is similarly corrupt if they attempt to use the organization to serve their pet social or political cause. Sometimes, these people are highly competent in their role; nonetheless, if they are turning the organization’s strength toward something other than its purpose, they must be removed from their roles.

Similarly, customers on the market should pay attention to whether businesses are holding true to their mission. When a company makes clear that its mission is primarily to advance a political movement, rather than to deliver high quality products, customers should take their business elsewhere.

As your Congressman, I will work to eliminate laws that prevent companies from clearing out employees who attempt to turn their company into a center for activism.

The Competency Crisis is Here

Affirmative Action policies have been in place for decades, forcing institutions to lower their standards in order to meet quotas. Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion programs are part of every HR department. While the brand of ESG has begun to fall out of favor with the investor class, they continue to direct tens of trillions of dollars of your retirement money into businesses that promise to advance their favored social causes.

All of this combines to create the competency crisis. Skill, diligence, and honor have some value in advancing a person’s career, but anyone who can claim minority or oppressed status has a short cut to well-paid jobs in corporate middle management. Once there, their lack of experience or skill means they will make bad decisions in hiring, prioritization, and quality control.

Planes are experiencing mid-flight catastrophes because the maintenance crews didn’t tighten bolts. Trains are going off the rails and spilling toxic chemicals, which are then lit on fire by incompetent cleanup crews. Hundreds of billions of dollars are spent on “teambuilding” exercises while products are broken, late, and overpriced.

Most of the American economy is fake, kept running by shared fictions. This will only get worse until it collapses. Our best hope is to try to build strong local economies outside that system, so that we are not dragged down with it.